MaxTamara's...75th & Paws - Where tails never stop waggin!
About Us

  Max & Tamara, along with their son Justin, have joined together for a family venture!! After more than 20 years of business designing, manufacturing and selling Italian handbags, this is a big change! Tamara has dreamed of opening a doggy daycare for many years and after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2008  she decided that there was no better time for change. It may not
have been the "best" time but it was the best decision! 
With a true love for dogs, we have  thought of all the comforts of home for 75th & Paws!!!! Two large rooms  for fun play, couches, chairs, beds, toys,TV for those movie watching pooches and plenty of love to go around!! We also have a live web cam for those of you who want a sneek peek at all the fun!! Tamara, along with her 2 girls Munchkin and Beenie,  are ready to welcome your precious ones to the most divine doggy daycare in NYC!!
 Check out some of our full time pups posing for pics!!
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ReggieMaker and PeterLynne and pups



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